A man with glasses with a text overlay: The SIEML team was great. They sent me program updates and deadline reminders.

Decisions are announced in March

Applicants will be notified of the admissions committee’s decision via email in early March. It is important for applicants to check the email address they provide on their application, and respond to emails from the SIEML program office in a timely manner.

What happens when I’m accepted?

  • You will receive a letter of admission along with a packet containing additional information and forms that require your signature. In order to accept the offer of admission, you will have approximately one week to sign the required forms and submit a headshot photograph.
  • You will be sent program materials including lodging details, a recommended packing list, and a schedule of the program.
  • We will arrange and pay for your transportation to and from SIEML within the US.

If I’m not accepted into the program can I reapply next year?

Since we receive more qualified applicants than we can accept, we encourage students to reapply if they will be in their junior year during the next SIEML application cycle.  Unfortunately, we do not accept applications from students in their senior year.

Applicants who are unable to reapply to SIEML, and are interested in applying to a UC graduate business program should sign up for our newsletter, and complete this Google form be connected with someone at a UC graduate business school.