Man and woman sitting with text overlay: The SIEML experience gave me the skills to land my first internship.

SIEML Alumni 

We are proud to have over 200 talented individuals as SIEML alumni! Learn about their SIEML and career experiences below.

Photo of Imani Jones

Imani Jones

Howard University
Finance Major (concentration in Actuarial Science)
SIEML 2019, Rady School of Management, UC San Diego
Expected Graduation: May, 2021 

Why did you apply to SIEML?

I applied to SIEML because it seemed like an interesting and enlightening opportunity, and it was an opportunity to learn about the UC school system (which I knew very little about).

How does your interest in business relate to your major?

I am a finance major interested in a career in insurance or risk management, and plan to become an actuary. 

What were your most memorable experiences during SIEML?

My interactions with the students and moderators for sure. I learned a lot, but made many friends along the way. To this day, we remain connected and in contact, wishing one another “Happy Birthday” or sharing professional opportunities.

I understand you completed an internship this past summer. What did you learn about yourself?

I learned that I am adaptable and ready to take on any challenge. I also confirmed and strengthened my leadership skills, and sharpened my active listening.

Photo of Jordan Randle

Jordan Randle

Morehouse College
Business Administration Major (concentration in marketing)
SIEML 2017, The Paul Merage School of Business (UC Irvine);
SIEML 2018, Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley)
Expected Graduation: May, 2020

Why did you apply to SIEML?

I knew a few students who attended SIEML during the summer of 2017 and they shared their experience with me. Prior to SIEML, I never visited California which has always been a dream for me. So when I learned about all of the opportunities provided by the pro­gram, I made it a goal to apply for the program.

How does your interest in business relate to your major?

As a Business Administration major, I am able to obtain a holistic business perspective that will allow me to pursue positions in roles such as strategy, sales, or operations. My marketing concentration qualifies me for product marketing positions, and has helped me understand how to market my brand.

What were your most memorable experiences during SIEML?

My most memorable experiences during SIEML were going to the Corona Del Mar beach when I was at UC Irvine, and winning the Deloitte sponsored case competition at UC Berkeley.

Congratulations on your internship this past summer. What did you learn about yourself during your internship?

After interning at Google this past summer in their Austin, Texas office, I learned the importance of being proactive, and becoming comfortable sharing my thoughts and ideas when appropriate. Prior to this internship, I often approached corporate meetings with a timid attitude and would sit and listen and not share my thoughts and ideas. Over the course of the summer, my manager encouraged me to speak up when I had an opinion or feedback. With this new attitude, I was able to suggest a specific training for improving my team’s processes that resulted in over a 95% approval rating.