Students sitting in meeting room with text overlay: I learned a lot about myself, how to be a leader, and how to work with others.

Due to COVID-19, and most importantly everyone’s health, we have decided to offer a virtual program this year.

Many companies and organizations are having to re-think how they do business amidst constantly evolving and unpredictable external factors, more so now than ever before. Just as businesses must pivot and innovate, people must have the skills and knowledge to quickly implement change and be adaptable and agile. During this year’s virtual SIEML program our goal is to help participants identify and practice these skills, providing them with the tools to navigate and prepare for future career, educational, and leadership opportunities in this uncertain climate.

SIEML is an all-expense-paid program

To ensure that SIEML is accessible to students from all socio-economic backgrounds, all participant expenses are paid for the 11-day summer immersion program (additional information is listed below). Support for the program is provided by the State of California, the six UC graduate business schools, and corporate sponsors and partners who engage with students throughout the program.

What does this include?


All round trip transportation (usually air travel) within the US will be arranged for admitted SIEML students. Participants who are in California also have the option of taking the train, or driving if it’s within a reasonable distance.

Room and Board

SIEML participants will be assigned a roommate for the duration of the program. Depending on the event location, housing may be on or off campus. All meals during SIEML are included and we will do our best to accommodate food allergy and dietary preferences.


Ground transportation is included for site visits, planned excursions, and to and from the airport or train station.

Events and Excursions

We want participants to experience the local culture of the UC host campus and surrounding area, and also have time to build relationships with fellow participants. Previous team and community-building activities have included sporting events, community service, and challenge courses.